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Compare Hostfully vs Guesty, focusing on API integrations, automation, user-friendliness and pricing for vacation rental software.
Listen up, fellow owners! As a proud member of the restaurant community, I want to share some real talk with you. Online marketing is a beast to tackle, especially in the concrete jungle of New York. Every day, it feels like there’s a new startup to conquer, a new algorithm to decipher, and a never-ending […]
Click to Get a Free Demo What is Spothopper? It’s an all in one marketing platform for restaurants that boosts revenue across the board, from new customers to reservations, parties, online orders, catering & more. Rather than hiring 10+ different companies to do everything you need online: google & SEO optimization, website design, photography, […]
We recently interviewed Kris Nicolaou from Brain Box. Can you tell us about your career path to becoming an entrepreneur? One could say that the entrepreneurial spirit is embedded in my DNA. Both my parents were self-starters. My father, a second-generation master tailor, owned a successful franchise called Ben Berke Tailors before branching out and […]
Enter MyDeductibles, the perfect ItsDeductible alternative for both iPhone and Android users alike. For years, ItsDeductible has been the go-to app for iPhone users looking to streamline their tax deductions by calculating the fair market value of donated items. However, the news of ItsDeductible’s potential shutdown and its lack of availability for Android users has […]
We recently caught up with Jessica Schultz, CEO and Founder of Amplify. Can you tell us about your career path to becoming an entrepreneur? I started my career in capital markets, then shifted to tech sales, then venture capital! I learned a ton in each role across operations, sales, marketing, and investing. This combined experience […]
David Linhardt, founder and CEO of both ComeWith and InsightStudios, is a serial entrepreneur with a long and successful career in the tech industry. His journey began in 2003 when he created his first startup after helping turnaround and sell Yesmail, the first publicly-traded email marketing company. Since then, David has founded and co-founded several […]
We recently caught up with Tanyette Colon, founder of InFUUSE, to learn about her career path, inspiration for starting her current company, identifying her ideal customer profile, company culture, growth trajectory, and hiring. Can you tell us about your career path to becoming an entrepreneur? From a young age, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial drive, […]
Check out this interview is with Tooraj Helmi, CEO of Apsy Can you tell us about your career path to becoming an entrepreneur? Let me take you on a journey through the exciting world of software development and entrepreneurship! It all started back in high school when I discovered my talent for programming and built […]
Follow Your Calling Pierce Baugh is the founder of StrategicDatabaseSystems, a company that specializes in custom software development for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Baugh’s career path has been marked by a lifelong calling for entrepreneurship, although he has spent time working for other companies. A Love For Design At Any Age Baugh was inspired […]
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